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Allied Publisher Pvt. Ltd.

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Established in 1934 by M. Graham Brash, the Company was acquired by late Mr. R.N. Sachdev, founder Chairman of Allied Publishers in 1947. Thus started a wholly Indian management, under his inspiring stewardship, and began “The journey of a thousand miles…” . Currently the board of directors are


  • Mr. Sunil Sachdev (Managing Director)

  • Mr. Ravi Sachdev (Director)

  • Mr. Arjun Sachdev (Director)

Step by step, from humble beginnings, grew an elaborate network of nine branch offices situated in all the metro cities and state capitals, supported by Resident Marketing Executives in major University towns—all equipped with fully computerized systems to offer prompt and efficient service.

The business of APPL could further be divided into two broad areas, 1) Own Publications 2) Distribution

Own Publications

We are reputable publisher and have multiple school book series catering to the different school boards in the country (ICSE, CBSE & State boards). We also have our higher academic publishing programme which publishes books for Under Graduate & Post Graduate level. Our non-academic division is our smallest division within our publishing programme, and we have some eexcellant titles on Yoga by BKS Igengar as well as a set of great cook books by Mr. Jiggs Kalra. 



We have been in the business of distribution of Indian academic books and importing of foreign research and academic books for more than 70 years. We represent and supply books from Indian and International publishers like, Sage, Cengage, Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, McGraw-Hill, Springer, Taylor & Francis, John Wiley & Sons, Macmillan, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Artech House, IET, SAE, ASTM, ASME, DIN, BSI, ASCE, Janes, University Presses etc. 

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