ISBN : 81-7764-495-5
Author : M.M. Chakrabarty
Publish Year : 2003
Publisher : Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd
Pages : viii + 752
About the Book
Basically deals with technological aspects, embracing latest developments like extraction, refining, hydrogenation, interesterification, fractionation, blending and biotechnology. The purpose of the book is to provide its readers a comprehensive background and information about developments in the areas of fat science and fat technology. The book tries to provide information pertaining to both basic and technological aspects and to embrace new technology, like biotechnology, that has enormous commercial importance and potential in the 21st century.

In view of the importance of ecology and safety, the book also deals with the two basic aspects namely, edible fat products and industrial materials. Important topics like safety, environment and pollution in industry are also included.

The book will help better understanding of extraction technology and would be useful to students and other readers involved in the areas of refining